Dog mobility Sling . help your dog with a mobility sling ,op , in the car ,etc




dog mobility sling .

This is a design that I have made for myself and used for years I have sold over 118 in 12 months and have had some lovely feedback about the difference it has made to help  dogs and customers.

I have made for many people who have dogs that need a lift when the legs are giving way or after an opp.
We all love our dogs, all they need some times  is a little help getting around .

mobility sling

Some dogs are heavy to lift and trying to do so pinches them and also does your back no good .
I had to use it for many months as my dog had nerve damage in the spine and was unable to use her back legs for a long time .
She got used to it within a couple of days and I had to run with her when she needed a wee , as she knew she could get around without pain.
I have made them now as they are so help -full and I am sure when you have one you will also find the same ,
My father uses one on his dog now as she hurt her leg chasing our other dog out of the door.

Easy on and off without pulling your dog about ,just slide under the belly and lift.

These are made for a small ,medium and larger size for different breeds of dog.

collie ,whippet ,lurcher etc need a medium ,smaller dogs need longer handles to lift etc.

I  am glad that I can help to ease problems ,


The  colours  are corduroy with simulated sheepskin with a wadding lining  with the nylon webbing handles to the length needed for each breed of dog.

It can also be used to lift when your dog needs help  in and out of the car , or up stairs .
I am online every night and will answer your questions about this item ,

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Large, Medium, Small

Outer Colour

Black corduroy, Brown Corduroy, burgundy, butterfly, Fawn Corduroy, Green Corduroy, multi butterfly, Pink, Red, wine