Dog padded elbow protectors for calluses, sores , swollen elbows , arthritis .


Dog callus elbow protectors , the easy solution to painful joints ,

now with the option of a waterproof sleeve to keep them dry .



£15.00 without waterproof sleeve + postage all sizes .

Dog callus  protectors with padding ,


£22.00 with removable waterproof sleeve  + postage all sizes .

for sore elbows  now with memory foam pad for comfort. 

This is a good way to stop you dog licking sore parts of the leg like the elbow.

These  trousers  have been designed to be  easy to put on have elastic adjuster  fitting .

I have now make them with an option of a waterproof sleeve that slips up the leg and fastens to the trouser top .

Easy on and off to keep them dry in a matching plain  colour .

Memory foam pad for extra protection and comfort .

They are to be worn all the time in the house or kennel .


You will notice such a difference in a few days .

Just pop one leg in at a time and adjust over the shoulder so they are not too tight .

Adjust once with a slip bar and  you can leave it on all the time .

Check  every 3-4 days if to see the results .

If your dog has open sores then check  often and clean affected area , pop them back on .

This is an easier option than bandages.

Trying to keep bandages on is a nightmare and creams and potions are licked off.

Easy on and off one leg at a time . They can be worn under a jumper or coat .

Made in a standard size but I can make for larger dogs sizes are available .

It has worked on my collie and I have no more vet bills , it simply stops your dog from constant licking and aids healing .

They are not padded as this would be more uncomfortable for your dog and it’s best to let the air around the joint .Wear under a jumper or coat.

These can be made with new cotton colours for a dog with a larger coat that does not require warmth only protection

flower garden cotton
red camo fleece

The length I have made them is high enough off the floor not go gather dirt as my collie runs a lot now and kicks up mud .

 This item can be made in  any size for any dog .

If you let me know what breed you have.

Measurement needed is the  length from elbow to elbow over your dog’s back.

They will be made to fit straight on unless your dog has a thick coat then adjust by the plastic slider .

Fully washable at a low temperature and low tumble dry.

Additional information

Outer Colour

Animal brown square, Aqua Blue, Artic camo, Baby Pink, Black, Black paw, black with white paw, Blue Camo, blue pale teddy, Bright Blue, Bright Red, Brown, Brown Animal, Brown Camo, Brown Camo 2, Brown Diamonds, Burberry, burgundy, butterfly, Camo Green, cerise pink, cow, Cream, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Green, Green Corduroy, Grey Teddy, Large Animal Spot, Large Black Spot, Multi bright square, multi butterfly, Navy Blue, Orange, pale blue teddy, pale pink teddy, Pink, Pink Heart, Pink multisquare, pink pale teddy, pink star, Pink Waterproof, Purple, purple spot, Rainbow, Red, Red Spot, Red Tartan, red white tartan, Silver, Skulls black, Small Black Spot, teddy pale blue, teddy pale pink, tiger, Tiger Orange, White Cow, White multi animal, White Paw, wine, yellow, Yellow Tiger

Size , Elbow to Elbow

20" 50cm, 21" 53cm,, 22" 55cm,, 23" 58cm, 24" 60cm, 25" 63cm,, 26" 66cm, 27" 68cm, 28" 71cm, 29" 73cm, larger size please state, smaller sizes can be made ,

waterproof sleeve,

no sleeve, yes waterproof sleeve